Magnetic Resonance Imaging, How does it work?
MRI is the safest, most advanced way for physicians to view inside the human body without surgery. MRI utilizes the magnetic fields and radio waves which naturally occur around us. The MRI unit consists of a large magnet, antenna, and computer. During an MRI exam, the hydrogen atoms in your body receive radio signals from the MRI unit. The signals are totally harmless, and have no side effects. A computer processes the returned radio signals, and an image is produced which is then printed onto a film and interpreted by our radiologists for your physician.

Preparing for your MRI exam
Preparing for your MRI exam is easy. Follow your normal daily routine and continue any prescribed medication unless your doctor or our office has instructed you otherwise.
Please arrive 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment, and bring all Medicare, insurance, or health plan documents, subscriber numbers, etc. Also, please bring all previous films, such as any x-rays, CT, or MRI, of the area to be examined. We will need to keep them for 24-48 hours, and will return them to your doctor.

Metal and your MRI exam
Please do not wear any metal such as jewelry or hairpins during your MRI exam. Metal worn in the magnet will disturb the radio signals that allow the computer to create images of your body. Some heavy eye shadows and hair sprays will also interfere with the quality of your scan. For your comfort, you may want to wear or bring a jogging suit (with no metal clasps) to wear during the exam; otherwise, we will provide you with a gown to wear.

Be sure to tell the technologist if any of the following applies to you:
• Have a pacemaker
• Metal fragments are in your body (surgical staples, cochlear implants, dental bridges,   metal aneurysm clips, shrapnel, hearing aids, or other metal implants)
• Think you may be pregnant

Relax! An open MRI exam is safe and comfortable!
An MRI exam usually takes from 30 to 60 minutes. During that time, we invite you to rest comfortably in the wide-open design of our MR scanner and listen to your favorite music on CD or tape. Our technologist will be in constant communication with you to make sure that you are completely comfortable at all times. Try to lie still, relax, and breathe normally. You may hear a humming or thumping noise occasionally; this is completely normal. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience more comfortable.

Cullman Open MRI uses a Hitachi AIRIS II open MRI magnet, for highest-quality images and a comfortable, open patient setting. Our radiologists and technologists have extensive training and experience in producing the most advanced, high-quality MRI and MRA exams and reports for your patients.

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